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Flash bitcoins transaction software makes it easy to send fake bitcoins for free. It is a bitcoin fork that generates bitcoin on the bitcoin network, and this bitcoin can be sent to any wallet address. Transactions with our script receive full confirmation and remain on the blockchain network for up to 90 days before being rejected by the system. With the premium license you can generate 5 Bitcoins per day, with a customized license you can generate 100 in one transaction per day. You can see more in our video tutorial.

With Bitgen Flash Bitcoin Software, the possibilities are endless. Imagine being able to generate and send up to 5 Bitcoin daily. And for those seeking even greater power, A customized license allows you to send a staggering 100 Bitcoin in a single transaction, as demonstrated in our captivating video demo.

  • – One-time Payment.
  • – Send Bitcoin to any wallet on the blockchain network
  • – Comes with Blockchain and Binance server files.
  • – No hidden Charges.
  • – 24/7 Support.

How It Works | Video Demonstration

Sending 1,000 BTC to a wallet address:
In the demonsration above; 1,000 BTC was sent to our wallet address using the Flash BTC premium, Click here to view the transaction on the Blockchain network.

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Best of Flash coins

Best Of Flash Softwares


  • Flash Bitcoin Transaction (Core Network) or blockchain keys options
  • -Defined the time that the transaction can remain in the wallet
  • -Defined the charges of the blockchain networks for a quick full confirmation
  • -VPN and TOR options included with proxy
  • -Can check the blockchain address before transaction
  • Bitcoin is Spendable & Transferable to 100 wallets
  • -Transaction can get full confirmation
  • -Support all wallet
  • -Segwit and legacy address
  • -Can track the live transaction on bitcoin network explorer using TX ID/ Block/ Hash/ BTC address

The features of the last updated version 2023

  • “With the “blockchain server” option
  • –100% confirmed transaction
  • -The transaction fee is “max”, ie “priority” for quick confirmation
  • –Cannot cancel a transaction with bitcoin server
  • -You can spend bitcoins easily on any other address (Segwit address, legacy, Segwit / bch32)
  • -it works with all wallets


Can you store bitcoins in a flash drive?

Yes ofcoursse you can save bitcoins in a flash drive. Our flash coin can be stored in a drive for upto 50 days

How to store bitcoin on a flash drive

Purchase a secure flash drive with passwords and encryption. Create a new Bitcoin wallet or access an existing one. Encrypt the wallet with a password. Copy the wallet file to the flash drive. Remove the flash drive and safely store it in a secure place. It is also recommended to backup the wallet file in other storage options to avoid losing the Bitcoin in case the flash drive gets lost or damaged. Additionally, seek expert advice from a trusted financial advisor or cryptocurrency expert before investing or storing Bitcoin.

How many times it can be transferred from my blockchain wallet after flash it done?

It can be transferred to maximum 100 wallets after flash is done.
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